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Numark PARTYMIX Dj Controller Memulakan Pesta Bermula Seperti Profesional 1/8 "Output Headphone


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Numark PARTYMIX Dj Controller

Let's get the party started!

You can start the party with PartyMix, regardless of your level of experience and skill. Partymix is a unique DJ controller that can connect to your laptop or computer via USB and play all your audio and video files with the included DJ software. With these two-channel controls, you can mix and transitions in any way you want, listen to the next track through the headphones and prepare for crossfade. Partymix supports both manual sync and auto sync.

DJ like the pro

You will love the professional features that come with PartyMix. Each deck has 4 cue pads and an effect pad. You can access auto loop functions through pads and create 8, 4, 2 or 1 bar loops.

You can play with treble, bass and channel gains and shape your sound the way you want. With PartyMix, everything you need to get professional results instantly is at your fingertips. Thanks to the built-in sound system, you can send your mix to the speakers and listen to the next track through your headphones.


The 3 LEDs behind PartyMix add a light show to your performance in sync with your mix. These LEDs can be turned on and off when desired. Moving with the beats of the piece being played, these lights add depth to your performance and provide the perfect atmosphere for parties.


Party DJ control system

Internal light show creating a party atmosphere

Simple plug-n-play

Audio output for speaker, headphone output for cue (preview)

Serato DJ Lite software – NEW!

Effects and looping possibility

Easy mixing with sync buttons

Preview and cue opportunity with 1/8 “headphone output

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